Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Since When is a Corporation a Citizen?

What the BLEEEEEEP is wrong with the Supreme Court?!

Right wing nuts get their panties in a bunch whenever laws don't hold to the most literal interpretation of the Constitution. Well, so long as it serves their purpose (somehow everybody seems to quote the Right to Bear Arms bit and seldom do you hear the Well Regulated Militia....) And the folks who wrote that owned slaves, established the much dreaded among right wingers US Postal Service and all sorts of other stuff.

In any case why on earth should a corporation enjoy the same rights as a citizen? Of course we all know big money rules over democracy in reality. But admitting it makes our country sound like some third world, bribery ridden fiefdom.

Owners of corporations of course have been free to donate their own money forever. So why can't corporations vote? And why can't foreigners donate to political campaigns, yet the US government, corporations, and individuals are free to donate to foreign campaigns?


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